How more Ontarians could gain access to a ‘99.9%’ effective HIV-prevention drug

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A generic version of an effective HIV-prevention drug has come on the market in the past few days, but experts say the medication is still far too expensive for many people who need it, and they’re hoping other generic versions being released in the coming weeks will be sold at a much lower price.


RCMP unit plays cat-and-mouse game to crack phones, seize data

<img src='!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/16x9_460/rcmp-tech-equipment.JPG&#039; alt='RCMP tech equipment' width='460' title='An assortment of some of the cords RCMP tech crime experts use to tap into cellphones that have been seized.

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Inside Nova Scotia RCMP’s headquarters, members of the Technological Crime Unit provide technical support to police and government agencies across the province and beyond, often working to extract data from phones and computers.